Wednesday, June 15, 2011

First Friday of June!

Spring..err..summer is finally here!
The Poet House was buzzing with people and there was lots of sweet art from our residents.
If you missed it, feel free to check out this link to some of the photo's from the First Friday in June.

Also we had a singer song writer circle on Saturday the 4th! Erin Cole-Baker, Chris Beland, Justin Lavik, and Daniel Whittington all got together and had an intimate couple hours of singing for us fine Bend residents. It was a very beautiful show up at the Poet House. Feel free to check out our calendar for more awesome event's in the future!

Don't forget! Our Grand "Still Open" Party kicks off this Saturday (the 18th) at 5:00! There will be music, dancing, drinks, art...and more dancing! Don't forget a costume! It's a $5 fee to get in, bring many friends because they will all be super jealous if they don't goooo!

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